How would you prepare your emergency communications center if you could see into the future?

With APCO’s newest training event, you can get the next best thing – an interactive walk-through of diverse scenarios handled as they will be in the future.

What is Nexus?

A first of its kind event that will immerse you in the Emergency Communications Center of the future, dealing with situations such as a mobile meth lab explosion or combined cyber/physical attack, with a focus on the communications between dispatchers and responders. From the moment a 9-1-1 call comes in, you will experience a 360-degree view of next generation emergency incident response.

How will it work?

APCO has partnered with OnStar, CentralSquare, FirstNet Built with AT&T, L3Harris, Motorola Solutions and RapidDeploy to bring these next generation technologies to life. Our partners will demonstrate each scenario using their technology and equipment. All scenarios are designed to analyze emergency response, comparing what a current response looks like to what will be possible with next generation technologies.

Who should attend?

9-1-1 professionals, first responders, information technologists, government officials and non-traditional emergency communications center staff.